Thanks for visiting this page, below is some of the gear we not only use but also rely on and actually love. We can hand on heart recommend these products. Every purchase you make using the links provided pays us a tiny percentage which helps us fund the podcast and the band. Changing the search bar information or re-searching breaks the link with our account so please just scroll through the products until you find an item you wish to buy. Streaming services do not currently pay podcasters anything for podcast plays. LRK. 

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"I use yellows 10's for electric and Jumbo Kings No 11 for acoustic, fantastic British brand, they sound great and good value for money"

"I like an adjustable capo so I get a good fit and good tuning"

"I've had many Marshalls, I've tried other brands but always come back to a Marshall"

"I guess I'm a fender guy, love a Telecaster"

"Always used them. Always will"

"Smells so good!"


"Powers my pedals"

"Great pedals!"

"Affordable Pedals"


"Tried many strings and always come back to the Swing Bass 66's"

"Keeps my pedals nice and tidy"




"We recommend the SM58 for live vocals, SM57 for instruments and the SM7 for great broadcasting and recorded vocals"

"We like Neutrik cables. Can you get cheaper cables? Yes. Are they as good and will they last? No!"

"It's transformed our live show"

"What an upgrade when we started using these"